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Flow Formulas Starlight

2020 marks an exciting first year for the Flow Formulas Starlight. The team will be composed of regional professional and promising elite-level mountain bike riders. Our mission is to support these promising riders by covering 100% of race entry fees and team kits, thus allowing them to concentrate on training and race strategy. As a team, we plan to attend large regional and national races to promote our sponsors in numbers and in front of large audiences. We aim to represent our sponsors on and off the podium. As respected individual riders in our local communities, we will be ideal ambassadors for our sponsors as local podium and segment-chasers frequently look to us for advice on equipment - we know what works on our local trails.


Rider Bios and Results

Dylan Johnson
Dylan is a 25 year old ultra-endurance mountain bike and gravel racer who lives in Brevard, NC right at the foot of the east coast mountain bike mecca, the Pisgah National Forrest. Though still young Dylan has been riding and racing for 12 year and in that time he's become a 3 time National Ultra Endurance series champion and puts his training and racing knowledge and experience to work as a CTS cycling coach. Along with his racing and coaching he runs a cycling YouTube channel focussed on training and racing performance. This year he'll be hitting the 24 hours of Old Pueblo, Dirty Kanza as well as other gravel events, Epic Rides Races and NUEs.
Top Results:
3 time NUE Series Champion (2016, 2017, 2019)
9th place Dirty Kanza 2018
8th place at Marathon MTB Nationals 2017 Pro Men
Ian Blythe
Former Professional moto and rally racer and current mechanical engineering student based in Golden Colorado. I've been racing bicycles since 2017, 2020 will be my second year as a focused XC racer. I love punchy technical trails and close racing. When I am not racing, you can find me battling e-bikers on my commute to school or blowing up on an I'll advised KOM attempt on the local trails. In 2020 I plan to build on a great season in 2019, focusing my efforts on the best races in the region, improving my training discipline, and getting loose and sketchy on some descents. I am really happy and excited to be part of the Flow Formulas Starlight team in 2020! See you at the races!
Top Results:
Collegiate Omnium National Champion 2019
5th Place USAC 2019 Marathon Nationals 19-29
3rd Place Golden Giddy-Up 2019 Pro Men
Logan Kasper
Baldwinville Massachusetts is where I grew up and still call home. Being located dead center in New England it was the perfect place for every style of bike riding and outdoor activity. Growing up riding bmx with friends was almost a rite of passage. Being outdoorsy eventually lead me to bike on the same trails I have hiked. I swapped the bmx for a mountain bike and ever since then I was hooked. In 2017 I was talked into trying a race. Turns out I was extremely good at it; winning that race and several others that year. In 2018 I took things a bit more serious and the results continued. 2019 I became a dominate figure in the professional New England mountain biking scene. In addition to mountain biking I can be caught bike packing and exploring on the road bike as well. I have been a full time refrigeration technician ever since high school. Being mechanically inclined it has always interested me and kept me busy as far as a job goes. Through work I have traveled across the country servicing some of the largest process application cooling systems. In doing so I have been fortunate enough to ride around the US meeting great people and exploring different landscapes. It can be a demanding trade on top of training but I like the challenge. I am looking forward to 2020 focusing on the NUE marathon series as well as big non series races like the Rasputisa gravel race and the Ice man Cometh.
Top Results:
EFTA Series Champion 2018 Pro/Elite
Bubba Trophy Series Champion 2019 Pro/Elite
1st place at Vermont 50 2019 Pro/open Men
Madeline Arpin
Madeline is excited to be joining Flow Formulas Starlight for 2020. Proudly hailing from the great white north of Minnesota, she is primarily an elite mountain bike racer who has dabbled in road and cyclocross racing. Madeline is still a relative newcomer to the high level race scene having only achieved her Pro license last year. However, her results among her more seasoned peers speak for themselves: She placed 1st at the Lutsen 69er (her favorite race in Minnesota), 4th overall at the Wisconsin Off-Road MTB Series (WORS) Cup, 5th overall at the Borah Epic and is the current marathon state champion of Virginia. When she's not doing specific workouts for her next big race, she enjoys fun trail rides, runs, and rides/hikes with her fiance. Madeline brings unwavering determination, rock-solid discipline and a relentless thirst for results to her new team.
Top Results:
1st at the Lutsen 69er 2019
4th overall at the Wisconsin Off-Road MTB Series 2019
5th overall at the Borah Epic 2019
Caleb Reese
Ever since I was young I have loved the outdoors. As a natural progression of my outdoor passion I discovered mountain biking 6 years ago. Since then I have progressed leaps in bounds from my start of riding a steel fully rigid mountain bike. In 2016 I moved to Denver for graduate school which opened a whole new level of competition and a new mountain bike play ground. This move took me from beginner to expert in 2 years of racing the competitive Colorado Collegiate teams. After my first "bonk" early on in racing I realized how important nutrition is. In 2017 my sister Hannah and I started Flow Formulas to give racers a research based nutrition that works. With improved nutrition and my drive to perform at a higher level I started racing pro categories in 2018. Racing the pro category I learned a lot and was challenged and many new ways. At the end of the summer I begrudgingly moved to Washington DC to continue my PhD in chemistry and have continued training hard and implementing all of the things I have learned. The silver lining to this move was I was able to meet Rob and have the opportunity to help found Flow Formulas Starlight elite racing. I am very excited to see what Flow Formulas Starlight elite team will do in 2020 in the opportunities it will bring!

Top Results:

6th and 5th at USA Collegiate XC and STXC Nationals 2018
30th and 18th at USA XC and Marathon Nationals 2019 Pro Men
37th at Grand Junction Off-Road 2019 Pro Men
Andre Oja
My passion for playing outdoors and my competitive drive motivate me to ride, train and race at the highest level. Mountain biking and cyclocross provide the perfect playground for pushing limits and striving for the next level.
Top Results:
1st place 6 Hours of Warrior Creek 2019 Open Men
2nd place DCMTB 2019 Expert Men
4th place Wednesdays at Wakefield 2019 Expert Men

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