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Fit, Fast, and Fueled By Flow Over 60: Mark Wallace

For 6 years Flow Formulas has allowed me to train and race at a consistency I've never had. And if there’s one thing that everyone in our sport eventually learns it's that the will to race is nothing without the will to train.

I first started using Flow (90g!) in the first year Hannah and Caleb got started (early samples in 2017) back when Caleb and I raced on the same team. Before that I was like most endurance athletes mixing a whole combination of ingredients together depending on the day and hoping I'd guessed right. With Flow, I mix the bottles and if it's a warm day add a little extra electrolytes and I'm set.

For 2022 I made plans to attack my new AG (age group) with an eye on the Leadville record, Silver Rush record and the Winter Park USAC Nationals. Of course these goals are nothing without the will to train and yes, suffer some too. Flow, since 2018, has given me a consistency and intensity in training that enabled me to maintain and improve an already high level of fitness. The 2022 results were remarkable. Convincing AG wins in every 2022 event (and 2023 so far) with course records at the Leadville 50 mile Silver Rush and Leadville 100 of 4:18 and 7:52 respectively.

A remarkable little side story about how necessary Flow has been to me to remain competitive. In 2013 I set out to podium at the Leadville 100 in the Men's 50 AG ending up first with a time of 7:57. That time from 2013 would have placed me 2nd in the 60+ AG in 2022. Many marginal gains have contributed to everyone getting faster but of course the major gains for most of us have been with nutrition and training. For me that has been the use of power meters and power based training since 2015 and Flow Formulas since 2018. Thank you Flow!

With my wife Dona's help, as always, we've got a few more goals lined up for 2023.