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Optimal Hydration During Pregnancy - Madeline Depman

I’m back home in Minnesota and the weather is so much warmer than it has been in Tacoma. I have been continuing to exercise on an “as-it-feels-good basis”. I am not doing any intensity and I generally keep my workouts pretty short, especially if I am out in the sun or warmer weather. I feel really lucky to still feel great on the bike and out hiking at 24 weeks! There are increased hydration requirements during pregnancy even without exercise. Because I am continuing to exercise and now combined with the warmer weather (and increased sweating) I have been trying to focus even more on hydration. I’ve compiled some of my reading below that explain why hydration and proper electrolyte...

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The First Fat Bike Everest - Logan Kasper

Let’s start from the beginning. For a while now I was thinking of a unique fat bike challenge to do. I spend so much time on that bike due to the area I call home. I know a lot of people laugh at the idea of fat bikes but it’s honestly been one of my best bikes to own. I think its such a simple piece of equipment similar to a regular hardtail that my expectations are always low so I’m never disappointed on it.  The idea came to me during a local fat bike back country event called the dumb and tough 100. It was a pretty long day on the bike so I had plenty of time to...

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