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Dylan Johnson

Dylan is a 27 year old ultra-endurance mountain bike and gravel racer who lives in Brevard, NC right at the foot of the east coast mountain bike mecca, the Pisgah National Forrest. Though still young Dylan has been riding and racing for 12 year and in that time he's become a 3 time National Ultra Endurance series champion and puts his training and racing knowledge and experience to work as a cycling coach. Along with his racing and coaching he runs a cycling YouTube channel focused on training and racing performance. This year he'll be hitting the Belgian Waffle Ride Race Series, Unbound Gravel as well as other gravel events, Epic Rides Races and NUEs.


Jeremiah Bishop



JB is a professional mountain bike racer from the United States. He competes in ultra-endurance mountain bike racing, mountain bike stage racing, and the Olympic-discipline event of cross-country cycling.

In 2019 Jeremiah expanded his role as a Canyon athlete. Reaching beyond the race courses, he shares new opportunities and experiences as a Brand Ambassador and manager of the Canyon East Coast demo fleet. Join Jeremiah for a ride, or follow along as he races in the biggest and most exciting events on the mountain bike world calendar.



Kelly Catale


Kelly has been riding bikes for over twelve years and racing competitively for eight years. She started competing as a road cyclist in college and was ranked 9th in the nation for collegiate cycling. After college, she transitioned to off-road disciplines after discovering some amazing New England singletrack. 

2020 will be Kelly’s 3rd year as an elite mountain bike racer. These first years racing at the elite level have been focused on growth, learning, and building experience. She is passionate about off-road racing, dedicated to training hard, and always searching for opportunities to improve her technical skills.

In addition to working full-time and training, Kelly cares deeply about mental health advocacy. As someone who has battled mental health issues for many years, Kelly understands how heavily our society stigmatizes mental health and causes those who suffer to feel isolated, ashamed, and alone. She has taken on a personal mission to start the conversation about mental health, end the stigma, and make space in our society for mental health awareness and acceptance.


Stefano Barberi

Stefano is a professional mountain bike and gravel racer, and former professional road bicycle racer. He resides in Reno, Nevada with his wife Katie Barberi and son Micheli Barberi. Stefano plans on taking on the biggest gravel and mountain bike races in the US including the Epic Rides Series, the Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) races, and SBT GRVL.

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Jake Ingram


Jake has been racing mountain bikes for two full seasons now and is starting his second season racing at the elite level full time. He has quickly moved through the ranks and is one of the most competitive endure racers in the Colorado area. Jakes future plans are to continue racing in the Big Mountain Enduro (BME) races as well as pushing to race on the larger Enduro World Series (EWS) series.



Nina "Machina" Machnowski

Nina "Machina" has been racing marathon MTB events since she was a teen, and has since branched out to gravel and gravity racing. She currently goes to college in Brevard, NC where she is majoring in Exercise and Health science. When Nina's not riding bikes you can find her rolling her own vegetarian sushi, reading nerdy topics related to nutrition, or working on artistic projects.

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Kerry Werner

I started riding/racing MTB’s when I was 15. I immediately fell in love with the challenge, which I still love today. If you would have told me all the places and experiences a bike would have taken me when I first through a leg over the saddle, back in 2007, I wouldn’t have believed you. I love racing as I am a super competitive person, that’s what hooked me in the first place. However, I have since gained an equal appreciation for just riding, having fun, and appreciating bikes as an escape or way of life. I totally plan on being that 90 year old dude that shows up for group rides some day. *photo credit Bruce Buckley 

Emily Shields

Emily is a professional cyclocross racer and Sports Dietitian. She primarily races cyclocross in the US and internationally but also likes mountain biking and road cycling. She enjoys baking in her free time and hanging out with her beagle, Sherman. Emily and her husband Kerry live in Roanoke, VA. To learn more about her Sports Nutrition services check out her website below

Mathieu Bélanger-Barrette


Math is a part time pro cyclist and a full time Engineer, he's making his way in the professional ranks of mountain bike stage racing and gravel bike. Follow his weekly training tips and the different crazy rides he gets to do on the weekend.