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What Athletes are Saying

"Flow Formulas is my go to for clean burning great tasting nutrition. With light refreshing fruit flavors and no high fructose corn syrup my stomach can stay bloat free allowing me to stay strong all day long!"

Jeremiah Bishop

"As a science based cycling coach and racer I appreciate that Flow Formulas took the time to review the literature when designing their product. Flow includes everything you need and nothing you don't to give you the highest carbohydrate absorption rate to keep energy levels up even in long events with the least amount of GI discomfort. Flow is what I used this past season to get podiums and wins at big all day events."

Dylan Johnson


"When you're out on the saddle for several hours, you don't want to make nutritional decisions that can lead to a counter performance. Having Flow Formulas in my bottle re-insure me that I can go through almost whatever and still get the right amount of energy to get through it. The flow formulas products taste good, are easy on your stomach and mix well. All great assets of an endurance drink mix."

Mathieu Bélanger-Barrette 


"Why do I like Flow Formulas? Being a “larger” rider, I burn a ton of calories. Flow allows me to replace as much as I can to keep riding strong. Being a drink mix it makes taking on nutrition as easy as taking a sip of water. During races or long rides it can be easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to eat. Flow simplifies that process. Being a drink mix it also gives my jersey pockets more room because they are not full of gels or other snacks. Depending on the ride I want to do I can dose the drink mix ratio to suit my caloric needs. Being very sensitive to caffeine I like the ability to mix less in while other people tell me they like to mix more. A drink mix that has that flexibility is crucial. I never ever get the dreaded gut rot because of the nutritional makeup of the mix is spot on. Made with extremely clean ingredients its great for all day/ multi day rides. I find it’s a perfect balance of sustainable and quick energy making it very versatile. To get premium performance you need to fuel with real quality premium ingredients and that’s why I will always choose Flow Formulas."

Logan Kasper