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Our Story

A few years ago, Hannah realized she had a major problem. She found she had allergies to corn, gluten, peanuts, soy, and dairy. She was also a competitive runner and there were no corn-free endurance sports drinks on the market. So, as a registered dieitian and researcher at heart, she went to work, and in 2017, Flow Formulas was born.


Our Team

Hannah Reese
Founder and Co-owner

Hannah is best described as jack-of-all-trades at work, but also at play. She is a lover of all things outdoors, including the Colorado Rocky Mountains, backpacking, nordic skiing, triathloan, and cycling. A foodie at heart, her day-to-day consists of coffee, making things taste better, riding with friends, and exploring the outdoors on two legs or two wheels.

Caleb Reese
VP of Product and Co-Owner

As a kid, Caleb enjoyed the great outdoors, spending hours exploring the woods or land behind their house in the country. Now Caleb satisfies that exploring bug on his local trails or in the lab, pursuing a PhD in chemistry. Caleb enjoys riding and racing with his friends, researching nerdy chemistry, and sipping expresso while eating nutella covered waffles.

Rob Kulik
VP of Marketing and Co-Owner

Rob wears lots of hats in life, and within Flow. A husband, father to four sons, international commercial real estate consultant, amateur XC racer, Flow Racing Team President, witty social media guy (in his mind), fisherman, and beer drinker. What else is there to know?

Ryan Mehaffey
VP of Finance and Co-Owner

Ryan grew up an adrenaline junkie and found his way to the mountains of Colorado where he can pursue Downhill and Enduro to the fullest. In addition to bringing strategy and business expertise to Flow, he is Founder and CEO of an organization that supports social impact business models around the globe. You can usually find him doing bike park laps or some sort of endurance related activity with his wife, son, and Siberian husky, Nika.