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Fueling Success in the Lifetime Grand Prix: A Tale of Four Racers

Competing in the Lifetime Grand Prix (LTGP) is a monumental feat that demands peak physical performance over an extended season. It's a challenge that requires not only exceptional training but also meticulous attention to nutrition. Some of the accomplished racers of the 2023 LTGP shared their insights into how Flow Formulas played a role in their success.

Haley: The Power of Effective Fueling

Haley Smith on Team Maxxis Factory Racing returned to the LTGP for her second year in a row. She emphasizes the significance of nutrition in sustaining peak performance throughout the demanding season, enabling racers to race harder, train more effectively, and ultimately, perform better. In her own words, "Having the on-bike nutrition dialed has been a huge factor in staying fit and healthy for the duration of the season."

Haley's insight highlights the positive feedback loop that effective fueling creates. This reinforces the notion that success in the LTGP isn't just about sheer talent and training but also about the consistency and quality of nutrition that sustains racers in the face of enduring challenges.

Photo by Joshua Strong

Lespy's Multifaceted Triumphs

Andrew L'Esperance's 2023 LTGP season has been nothing short of exceptional. From becoming the BC Bike Race Champion for the second time to clinching a National Championships Title in the MTB Marathon and winning a UCI Gravel World series event, he has consistently demonstrated his prowess in a variety of cycling disciplines. However, what remained constant throughout his journey was his reliance on Flow Formulas for nutrition.

Photo by Joshua Strong

Lespy attributes his success to the simplicity and effectiveness of Flow Formulas products. Whether it was the MTB, gravel, or any other type of race, he found the flexibility to adjust the strength of his nutrition to suit his specific needs, both in training and on race day. Lespy's achievements underscore the value of consistency in nutrition, allowing racers to focus on the race itself without overthinking their fueling.

Crystal Anthony's Evolution in the LTGP

Crystal Anthony's journey in the LTGP is a testament to the importance of listening to one's body and refining one's nutrition strategy. With an extensive background in cyclocross and shorter mountain bike races, she recognized the need to adapt her fueling approach for the challenging 6+ hour race efforts in the LTGP.

Seeking professional guidance, Crystal began working with a nutritionist and incorporating Flow Formulas products into her strategy. Her journey, marked by a 3rd place finish at The Rad, a bronze medal at Gravel Nationals, and a significant overall improvement, showcases the significance of a tailored nutrition plan for each racer's unique needs.

Deanna Mayles: Rookie to Rockstar

In a grueling season marked by ever-shifting challenges and unexpected twists, first-time LTGP racer Deanna Mayles propelled to a top 10 finish in the series. Her unwavering determination was matched by her commitment to a meticulously crafted nutrition plan.

Photo by @mcmahon_meg

Deanna's choice? Flow Formulas' Endurance Drink Mix. Its ease of preparation, light consistency, and allergy-friendly formula made it a reliable companion throughout the season, even in the face of demanding events like the Leadville Trail 100 and Crusher in the Tushar. Deanna swears by the Endurance Drink Mix, incorporating it into her daily training and race routine. She particularly favors the invigorating flavors of Blueberry Agave and Tropical Passion, which not only energize her but also add a touch of delight to her intense races.

For those crucial recovery days and intense interval preparations, Deanna turns to Flow Formulas' Electrolyte Replacement mix in the refreshing Lemonade flavor!


The Lifetime Grand Prix is more than just a cycling series; it's a journey of dedication, resilience, and continuous improvement. As these racers have demonstrated, nutrition and fueling are integral elements of their success. Whether it's Haley's emphasis on the compounding benefits of effective fueling, Lespy's consistent reliance on Flow Formulas, or Crystal Anthony's pursuit of a refined nutrition strategy, their stories exemplify the pivotal role of nutrition in the quest for victory in the LTGP. As we celebrate their achievements, we're reminded that in the world of elite cycling, every pedal stroke is supported by the right mix of nutrition and determination!