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New Bike, New Adventures - A Winter Excursion in Maine's Largest Wilderness Area - Logan Kasper

"Stick to the plan" was my motto for the long weekend. Sticking to the plan, trusting gear, and being sure of decisions makes adventures safe and memorable even when the difficulty increases. With record breaking low temperatures, it made for a memorable three days of B-hikepacking. On paper, a fat bike trip through northern Maine in the dead of winter is actually not too crazy of an idea. The plan was to ride around fifty miles a day for two days then finish the trip with a mountain ascent - not just any mountain; it had to be a notable one. Katahdin is one of the east coasts highest and most challenging peaks due to its technical approach and remoteness....

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Optimal Hydration During Pregnancy - Madeline Depman

I’m back home in Minnesota and the weather is so much warmer than it has been in Tacoma. I have been continuing to exercise on an “as-it-feels-good basis”. I am not doing any intensity and I generally keep my workouts pretty short, especially if I am out in the sun or warmer weather. I feel really lucky to still feel great on the bike and out hiking at 24 weeks! There are increased hydration requirements during pregnancy even without exercise. Because I am continuing to exercise and now combined with the warmer weather (and increased sweating) I have been trying to focus even more on hydration. I’ve compiled some of my reading below that explain why hydration and proper electrolyte...

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The First Fat Bike Everest - Logan Kasper

Let’s start from the beginning. For a while now I was thinking of a unique fat bike challenge to do. I spend so much time on that bike due to the area I call home. I know a lot of people laugh at the idea of fat bikes but it’s honestly been one of my best bikes to own. I think its such a simple piece of equipment similar to a regular hardtail that my expectations are always low so I’m never disappointed on it.  The idea came to me during a local fat bike back country event called the dumb and tough 100. It was a pretty long day on the bike so I had plenty of time to...

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