Endurance Gel Mix 1.0

$45.00 USD

It's here! After receiving multiple requests for a gel we have created a gel that is customizable, cuts down on waste, and is cost effective for athletes. Just add a heaping scoop to water and mix in one of the reusable flasks
  • Easy way to add calories and electrolytes for training and racing 
  • Glucose to Fructose ratio of 1:0.8 based on current sports performance research 
  • Reduces waste with reusable gel flasks

  • Allows customization for your preference of calories and thickness

  • Multiple size flasks allows you to carry up to four gels in one flask 

  • Reduces cost compared to similar sized gels 

As always - Top 12 allergen free with exceptional taste. 

Why Flavorless? Ever get tired of flavor after hours and hours of racing? Try our Flavorless - it goes down easy and can keep you going when you find it difficult to take in other nutrition.