High & Low Sodium Endurance Drink Mix

$45.00 USD

Our High and Low Sodium Endurance mix allows you to create the perfect sodium blend for you. The flavorless can be used on its own or to add calories and sodium to our other flavored Endurance mixes. 

  • Developed from current sports performance research 
  • Replaces needed nutrients during hard racing and training efforts 
  • Top 12 allergen free
  • Exceptional taste
  • With caffeine contains 184 mg caffeine to boost performance (3 scoops)

High Sodium: Contains 780 mg Sodium per two scoops and 1170mg per 3 scoops.

Low Sodium: Contains 200 mg Sodium per two scoops and 300 mg per 3 scoops.

Ingredients: organic tapioca maltodextrin, organic agave powder, citric acid, sea salt, fruit, rice maltodextrin. In caffeinated blends: caffeine extracted from green coffee beans.

    Directions: Mix 2-3 scoops with 16-24 ounces (2-3) cups of water. Shake vigorously and let dissolve for 15 minutes.*  

    Below is a chart on how to train your gut to tolerate 90 grams of carbohydrate per hour. 

    chart description of how to train gut over weeks

    *Powder texture variability and small clumps are normal. This will dissolve in water. The raspberry and strawberry flavors may contain seeds naturally found in whole raspberries and strawberries.