Endurance Gel Mix 1.0

$45.00 USD

It's here! After receiving multiple requests for a gel we have created a gel that is customizable, cuts down on waste, and is cost effective for athletes. Just add a heaping scoop to water and mix in one of the reusable flasks
  • Easy way to add calories and electrolytes for training and racing 
  • Glucose to Fructose ratio of 1:0.8 based on current sports performance research 
  • Reduces waste with reusable gel flasks

  • Allows customization for your preference of calories and thickness

  • Multiple size flasks allows you to carry up to four gels in one flask 

  • Reduces cost compared to similar sized gels 

As always - Top 12 allergen free with exceptional taste. 

Why Flavorless? Ever get tired of flavor after hours and hours of racing? Try our Flavorless - it goes down easy and can keep you going when you find it difficult to take in other nutrition. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Luke Hensley
Awesome stuff

Best stuff out there. I can specifically choose how many carbs I am putting into a flask and tailor that to training or race day needs. So good!

JC Norling

I dunno. The consistency and texture ain’t my cup a tea. On the positive it was easily digestible and good way to get calories and carbs in.

Paul Matheny
Good stuff

This gel works great for me and I recommend it. It is easy on my gut and really gives me the extra carbs I need. The ability to consume as much or as little as you need is a real plus. You can’t do that with a traditional single serve gel. It took one batch for me to figure out the best process to mix it and the best way to manage the flask while riding. Pro tip: make sure the bite valve is on securely if you squeeze. Otherwise you might make a huge gooey mess if it comes off accidentally. Ask me how I learned that.

Brad Fey
Great Product!

I love having the gel with me on long rides. I love the no waste refillable bladder.

Kerry Werner
My go to pocket fuel

With the endurance mix I shoot for 90g (3 scoops/bottle) then I put the 250ml flask in my pocket and for an additional boost of fuel. I can do a 4hr race with two 1L bottles and 1 250ml flask. It’s perfect.