Reusable Gel Flask

$6.99 USD

Now in stock with an all new bite valve Flask Lid. This valve requires a break in period to loosen and allow the fluids to flow free. 

Cut down on waste with these reusable gel flasks. Simply scoop in our gel mix, add water, shake, and its race ready!

  • 150 ml flask can hold up to two gels - best for mixing and racing
  • 250 ml flask can hold up to four gels - best for long days in the saddle

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Valve difficult to use at first, gets way better! Give it some use.

Tips: I thought this flask was too hard to get gel out at first like the poster below. After the 3rd or 4th time using it, it flows easily and consistently. No more issues. Take apart the nozzle (flaks comes apart in 3 pieces), wash it, use it. Then, it becomes my best friend on training rides and races.

Paul Matheny
I like it!

So much better than individually packaged gels. I’ve had a bit of a learning curve but I really like this flask. Learning to mix the gel to the best consistency is just trial and error it took me a few rides to figure out that you have to bite HARD on the bite valve to get the most gel to come out. It’s easy to mix the gel and easy to clean. I recommend it and I’d buy it again.

Jordan Kahlenberg
No Waste, but great effort

Got these to cut down on waste during training rides where expediency and efficiency of fueling isn't quite as important. Only issue is w/ the bite valve, which on the first couple uses seems extremely difficult to get gel through. Have yet to test w/ water to get a baseline, but even w/ relatively thin gel consistency I have to squeeze rather hard. Will still use these to cut down on waste, but def will not use during competition.

Best gel flask on the market

I've done my homework on flasks for mixing gels and this is by far the best flask on the market.