There is a need for a research-based, allergen-friendly, exceptional tasting, and completely natural sports drink to meet the needs of endurance athletes. 90g is the first research-based, allergen-free endurance sports drink for athletes who push their bodies to perform at optimal levels.

To make this product, I set out with three main goals: 

  • To make a product grounded in current nutritional and sports-performance research 
  • For the product to be enjoyable as well as effective in replacing needed nutrients during hard racing and training efforts 
  • For this product to be 100% allergen-free


Finding corn-free ingredients for 90g was one of the biggest challenges in bringing this drink to the market. Almost all of the current endurance sports drinks use corn as a precursor for maltodextrin and citric acid. To get past this hurdle,  we chose to use tapioca maltodextrin. It breaks down exactly like corn maltodextrin but removes the allergy symptoms that come from corn. Citric acid is typically derived from corn but can be found from a variety of fruits and plants. Our citric acid is derived from the molasses of beets and sugar cane.