One of the biggest challenges Flow Formulas faces comes down to one word - education. Unfortunately, most endurance athletes have not been given accurate sports nutrition information or research-based nutrition plans for their training and racing. This barrier is overcome by partnering with athletes in selecting research based products over other sports nutrition products on the market in order to achieve optimal performance.

Acquiring a bachelors degree in nutrition and working as a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) has given me the background to create an allergen-free, science-backed product, as well as the experience in bringing nutrition education to individuals. Caleb is currently a Chemistry PhD student at George Washington University. With his expertise in chemistry and background in business, he has been able to help with the chemistry and marketing aspects of Flow Formulas. In addition to our educational experiences, Caleb and I both competed at the collegiate level in our respective sports, mountain biking and cross country and track. You can read our story for more information.