Flow Formulas Fezzari Off-Road is a group of gravel, mountain bike, and adventure riders that are dedicated to performing at the highest level. Our goal is to give our athletes the assistance of a team with the personalization that an individual rider needs. We aim to compete at all of the highest level gravel and mountain bike races in the US.


Rider Bios and Results

Ian Schwing

Instagram - Strava

Heading out the door and doing something fun and exciting outside was always on my mind. One day the plan was to head out with my dad on our local trails behind my house. Since that day I couldn’t stop riding a bike. I got all my friends hooked on riding and it was the best thing ever, we pretty much rode everyday after school. With some luck of bumping into the right people on the trails, I started riding with better people and learned all the ins and outs of biking. With the influence of the people I rode with and my natural progression, I figured I should try some bike racing 3 years ago, and that was a great decision. The combination of doing what I love and the thrill of competition totally turned me on to racing bikes. I love racing anything from ultra-endurance to NICA races, to cross and gravel. As a Junior at Mount Saint Joseph High School in Baltimore, Maryland, you can find me studying and shredding with my friends all around Patapsco Valley State Park. For the 2020 season, I plan to do a lot more racing and maybe getting out to do Marathon and XC Nationals.
Top Results
2x Undefeated Maryland NICA varsity champion (2018, 2019)
Shenandoah Mountain 100 U19 record holder
1st Place Stokesville 60k Open Men (2020)

Ian Blythe

Instagram - Strava

Former Professional moto and rally racer and current mechanical engineering student based in Golden Colorado. I've been racing bicycles since 2017, 2020 will be my second year as a focused XC racer. I love punchy technical trails and close racing. When I am not racing, you can find me battling e-bikers on my commute to school or blowing up on an I'll advised KOM attempt on the local trails. In 2020 I plan to build on a great season in 2019, focusing my efforts on the best races in the region, improving my training discipline, and getting loose and sketchy on some descents. I am really happy and excited to be part of the Flow Formulas Starlight team in 2020! See you at the races!
Top Results:
Collegiate Omnium National Champion 2019
1st place Colorado State Championship
3rd place Pro Class Golden Giddy-Up 2019

Jimmy Klose

Instagram - Strava

My name is Jimmy Klose and this is my first year racing with Flow
Formulas - Transperfect. I was born, raised, and currently live in
Ellicott City, Maryland which is home of Patapsco Valley State Park.
I'm 28 years old and work full time as a Field Engineer for
Oceaneering Technologies, but when I'm not working you can find me
riding my mountain bike in the woods. This is my fifth year racing
endurance mountain bike events and I couldn't be more excited to be
with Flow. I love riding rock gardens, working through technical
climbs, and going for the hole shot. Big things are coming in 2022 for
this team and I'm happy I will get to be a part of it.

Top Results:

3rd Place Overall at Wilderness 101 (2021)

4th PlaceOverall at Shenandoah Mountain 100 (2021)

3rd Place at Marathon Nationals 19-29 (2021)

2nd Place and KOM at Tour de Burg (2021)

Logan Kasper

Instagram - Strava

Baldwinville Massachusetts is where I grew up and still call home. Being located dead center in New England it was the perfect place for every style of bike riding and outdoor activity. Growing up riding bmx with friends was almost a rite of passage. Being outdoorsy eventually lead me to bike on the same trails I have hiked. I swapped the bmx for a mountain bike and ever since then I was hooked. In 2017 I was talked into trying a race. Turns out I was extremely good at it; winning that race and several others that year. In 2018 I took things a bit more serious and the results continued. 2019 I became a dominate figure in the professional New England mountain biking scene. In addition to mountain biking I can be caught bike packing and exploring on the road bike as well. I have been a full time refrigeration technician ever since high school. Being mechanically inclined it has always interested me and kept me busy as far as a job goes. Through work I have traveled across the country servicing some of the largest process application cooling systems. In doing so I have been fortunate enough to ride around the US meeting great people and exploring different landscapes. It can be a demanding trade on top of training but I like the challenge. I am looking forward to 2020 focusing on the NUE marathon series as well as big non series races like the Rasputisa gravel race and the Ice man Cometh.

Top Results:

NUE series champion 2020
2020 Mohican 100 MTB Pro/Open winner
4x Everest in one week record - Featured in Cycling Weekly

Will Doherty

Instagram - Strava

Growing up, outdoor activities were always part of my life. I started with skiing and then discovered cycling soon after. Coming into high school I got more serious about biking and began to race cyclocross and cross country. In the past five years, I made the transition into racing enduro and downhill and never looked back. I found success in the past few years of enduro racing culminating with becoming the 2021 19-29 enduro national champion. I am currently pursuing my mechanical engineering degree from CU Boulder and riding as much as possible in between classes! This year, I have a full enduro season
planned for the summer along with collegiate downhill racing in the fall.

Top Results:

2021 Enduro National Championship: 1st 19-29
2021 Buffaloes in Snowmass DH: 2nd A Men
2021 Grand Enduro: 5th Pro
2020 TGS Mountain Goat DH: 3rd Pro


Will Pfeiffer

Instagram - Strava

In 2014, I was a former college lacrosse player who was dabbling in CrossFit and could barely ride a bike. That’s when my uncle managed to drag me out onto some single track. I loved it, quickly bought my first bike, and did a 100k race in Pisgah six weeks later. As you may expect, it went poorly. Despite this, my love for cycling grew. Training slowly became more serious over the next few seasons. 2019 to 2020 marked a breakthrough for me, with multiple state and regional titles and a number of wins outside of North Carolina. I followed that up with the NUE Series marathon championship in 2021, during which I trained and raced in Maine, California, and 20 states in-between. This upcoming season I’ll be targeting a variety of 100-200 mile off-road races all over the country with a few FKT’s on the radar as well. When I’m not on a bike, I work as a paramedic and medical educator in in Durham, NC.

Top Results:
2019 State and Regional XC MTB Champion - Cat 1 30-39 (NC/VA/SC)
2020 State and Regional XC MTB Champion - Singlespeed (NC/VA/SC)
2021 NUE Marathon Series Champion - Men’s Open

Nathan Collier

Instagram - Strava

After a successful race career in my 30's, it's time to enter the "true" pro class. Men's 40-49! The goal is to remain a strong Cat 1 (Elite) competitor in this more difficult age group. Because like wine, we endurance athletes get better with age! Speaking of wine, I'll be spending the summer sipping Spanish wine and competing against a tough field of Spaniard's in Southern Spain. My secret weapon is going to be multiple hour bottles of Flow Formulas to keep me hydrated and stave off the cramps in this hot climate. I'll be adding Flow Formulas new Electrolyte Replacement Mix to my bottles is add even more sodium to compete against the Spaniards!

Top Results:
2021 Bailey Hundo — 2nd 30-39 Men
2021 Wausau 6-hour — 3rd 6-Hour Solo Male
2019 NW Epic Series — Suntop - 2nd Overall

 Jack Doherty

Instagram - Strava

I have been riding and racing bikes since I was 9 years old, starting with road racing and slowly transitioning to cyclocross, then to XC, and finally to DH and Enduro. I got serious about mountain bike racing in High School, getting multiple varsity level podiums, and continued this trend into college with a podium at collegiate mountain bike nationals in the omnium. Outside of racing, most of my life revolves around bikes and my day job is designing mountain bikes at Specialized! I'm super excited for a split season with early-season XC and summer Enduro for 2022!

Top Results:
2021 Moab Rocks: 19-29 1st
2020 BME Winter Park: Expert 1st
2020 TGS Mountain Goat DH: Pro 3rd
2019 Enduro National Championships:19-29 3rd

Jon Wells

Instagram - Strava

After an injury riddled NCAA track running career, I picked up road cycling with the School of Mines team. When I saw how much more fun all the mountain bikers were having, I had to give it a try! I moved up through the ranks in collegiate cycling on both the road and dirt, culminating with a road TTT national title and attending MTB nationals in 2016.
Since then, I continued racing at Colorado School of Mines while I completed my PhD in Chemical Engineering. This past year I raced a full national road calendar at USACRITS and still snuck in a few MTB races. For 2022 I'm looking forward to racing on dirt some more (especially gravel racing) and finding out what post-PhD life holds for me!

Top Results:
2021 USAC MTB XC Cat 1 - 3rd Place
2021 Fandango XC MTB Cat 1 - 2nd Place
2021 Firecracker 50 Expert - 6th Place

Paige Hauptmann

Instagram - Strava

I grew up in a very bike-friendly household, where my mom was fresh out of racing professionally when I was born, and my dad was a former World Cup team mechanic and an amazing rider himself. I felt it was always in my blood to race and ride bikes and growing up watching them was a whole other level of inspiration! I started racing BMX as soon as I could get those training wheels off and then progressed into racing cyclocross and mountain bikes when I was around 12 years old. I then raced my first National Championship when I was 16 years old and have been racing avidly since then, including in the Colorado High School Cycling League all through high school. I currently race collegiately for Colorado Mesa University and study Exercise Science there. I love anything bikes and I’m excited to race with the Flow Formulas-TransPerfect team this year and am looking forward to a big year on 2 wheels!

Top Results:

Collegiate Varsity Women RMCCC overall points ranking (2021)- 2nd
USA Cycling MTB Nationals 2021 U23 Women- 11th
USA Cycling MTB Nationals 2021 Pro Women STXC- 19th
12 Hours of Mesa Verde 2021 3-4 Women’s team- 1st


Tyler Hallenbeck
Running and cross country skiing dominated my life growing up in New Hampshire, but moving to Chicago at age 18 put my endurance career in a bit of a holding pattern. After completing a few marathons, I ended up signing up for the Madison Wisconsin Ironman on a bit of a whim, raising money for charity. I ended up coming in 3rd in the 18-24 year old age group and snagged a slot to race at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. It turns out being serviceable at swimming, biking, and running makes you pretty good at triathlon! After being the 8th American in the 25-29 year old age group at Kona in 2017, I did a few more ironmans in the following years before moving back across the country to New England. Williamstown Massachusetts is where I call home now, pastoring a local Church, and training and racing as much as life allows. This season the goal is to qualify for my pro/elite license and snag a top 10 in the 30-34 year old age group and a top 50 overall at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships.
Top Results:
2017 Ironman World Championships - 8th American 25/29
2021 White Mountains Half Iron - 3rd Overall
2021 Frankfort Ironman 70.3 - 9th Overall


Josh French

Instagram - Strava

I grew up playing soccer and didn't start riding until college when I was 21. Riding quickly became an integral part of my life and my goal was to one day ride with the pros in Colorado. I'm now 28 years old, daylighting as an engineer in Helena, MT with my wife and 2 kids. I love having my family at races and taking feeds from my 2 year old little boy who probably enjoys my bike as much as I do. I prefer red-line efforts for the entirety of XC races, believe that Saturday mornings are meant for long rides, and can't live without espresso.

Top Results:

2021 3rd Scratchgravel XC Cup
 2021 5th Laramie Range Epic
2021 2nd Big Sky Biggie
2021 2nd Pocatello Fall Ultra

Andre Oja

Instagram - Strava

My passion for playing outdoors and my competitive drive motivate me to ride, train and race at the highest level. Mountain biking and cyclocross provide the perfect playground for pushing limits and striving for the next level.
Top Results:
1st place 6 Hours of Warrior Creek - Men Open
2nd place DCMTB - Expert Men
4th place Wednesdays at Wakefield - Expert Men

Caleb Reese

Instagram - Strava

Ever since I was young I have loved the outdoors. As a natural progression of my outdoor passion, I discovered mountain biking 2015. Since then I have progressed leaps in bounds from my starting with riding a steel fully rigid mountain bike. In 2016 I moved to Denver for graduate school which opened a whole new level of competition and a new mountain bike play ground. This move took me from novice to expert in 2 years of racing the competitive Colorado Collegiate teams. After my first "bonk" early on in racing I realized how important nutrition is. In 2017 my sister Hannah and I started Flow Formulas to give racers a research based nutrition that not only keeps you fueled and hydrated but tastes good. With improved nutrition and my drive to perform at a higher level I started racing elite categories in 2018. Racing the elite category, I learned a lot and was challenged and many new ways. At the end of the summer I begrudgingly moved to Washington DC where I finished my PhD in chemistry and had the silver lining of starting the Flow Formulas elite racing team. I am now managing and racing on the team and look forward to racing alone side such an excellent group of athletes.

Top Results:

Croatan Buck Fifty 2022 - 5th
 USA Marathon Nationals 2021 Elite - 5th
Shenandoah Mountain 100 2020 - 5th
USA Collegiate XC and STXC Nationals 2018 - 6th and 5th



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