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The History and Culture of Flow Formulas

Meet Hannah. A few years ago, Hannah realized she had a major problem. She was diagnosed with allergies to corn, gluten, peanuts, soy and dairy. She was also a competitive runner and there were no corn-free sports drinks on the market. So, as a registered dietitian and researcher at heart, she went to work, and in 2017, Flow Formulas was born. The dream was to create a research-based and completely natural sports drink that would help endurance athletes find their breakthroughs (while being allergen friendly of course!).

Shortly after creating the first batch of Flow Formulas in her small Colorado kitchen, Hannah partnered with her brother, Caleb, a collegiate cyclist, who was completing his PhD in Chemistry, to help with perfecting the formulations. While Flow Formulas is a new company, we have a big heart for helping endurance athletes by using science and technology to support dreams. Hannah and Caleb have both had trying times in their athletic careers, including the dreaded "bonk" in races due to poor nutrition strategies. Flow Formulas has helped them find their breakthroughs, and we know it has the potential for you, too.