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Flow Formulas Recovery Drink Mix Bag
Flow Formulas Recovery Drink Mix Bag

Recovery Drink Mix

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This recovery drink mix was designed from current research for endurance athletes to use within 30 minutes after exercise. It contains a ratio of carbohydrates and protein to maximum recovery for next day bouts of exercise. 

  • Developed from current sports performance research 
  • Replaces the most effective amount of carbohydrates post exercise 
  • Contains two types of carbohydrates to refuel muscle and liver glycogen
  • Contains 480mg per serving of CherryPURE® backed by two clinical studies on muscle recovery
  • Vegan and Top 12 allergen free
  • Exceptional taste

    Directions: Follow the chart to calculate the appropriate number of scoops based on the research for your weight.

    For Best Results: 

    • Use a personal sized blender
    • Pour liquid first (water or nondairy milk)
    • Scoop the mix on top
    • Add two to three ice cubes
    • Blend and enjoy within 30 minutes after exercise